Leucanthemum 'hosmariense'

Calamazag Plant Nursery


Leucanthemum hosmariense belongs to the aster family and is mainly found in southern and central Europe.. It's more common name is 'Moroccan Daisy'.

Leucanthemum hosmariense is a prolific flowering variety with white daisy type flower and yellow eye. It has striking silver feather like foliage. Grows well in costal areas.

Height 30cm / 12"

Plant in containers, troughs, alpine beds. walls or use as ground cover. 

This plant is grown by us at our nursery & supplied to you in a 10cm pot, fully rooted & ready to plant straight out into your garden. Please note that this is NOT a plug plant, in this size of pot there is NO need for you to re pot it & grow it on in a green house.

Calamazag Nursery is a RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Winner.