Planting containers and baskets workshop

Calamazag Plant Nursery


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We have a series of hands on workshops planned for the Spring and Autumn of 2021. If you are a complete beginner or novice gardener and want to improve your plant growing skills then these workshops are ideal for you.

At our planting containers and baskets workshop, we will cover everything you need to know to enable you to display beautiful containers and baskets around your home. We will cover which growing mediums to use, how to chose the right plants for the right place, planting ideas and how to care for your plants.

Workshops will last about 3 hours and will include refreshments and all materials.

There will also be time available for you will also be able to have a relaxing browse around our nursery.

Please note that workshops are limited to a maximum of 4 people at present. This is designed to allow us to spend the optimum amount of time with each of you.