Dianthus barbatus 'Oeschberg' Sweet William


This Dianthus Barbatus 'Sweet William' is scented and has deep purple/violet petals. It grows 38cm/ 15" x 30cm/ 12". Flowers May to July.


Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William) is a bi annual plant. This means that in general terms, biennial seeds are sown in spring and the plants develop throughout the rest of the summer. By autumn they will be well established plants ready to transplant into your garden. Then, after a cold period in the winter which allows the plant to initiate its flower buds, they will provide a colourful display the following spring.

Dianthus barbatus are short lived perennial plants. We would recommend that you treat these plants as annuals.

Dianthus love to be planted in free draining alkaline soils in a nice sunny spot.  

This plant is grown by us at our nursery & supplied to you in a 10cm pot, fully rooted & ready to plant straight out into your garden. Please note that this is NOT a plug plant, in this size of pot there is NO need for you to re pot it & grow it on in a green house.